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Hey there.  Thanks for having a look around.  That's me in the picture. Ryan Connolly...Tapwatr.  The guy with the beard.  I'd like to tell ya that the beard came long before the camera.  But the camera came long before I could grow a beard.  I've been at this pursuit of happiness since I became the photo editor of the school paper (film!!!) as a freshman in high school. That's going well on 25 years!  

I've gone on from those humble beginnings shooting local sports and reportage to shooting for corporate and private clients all over the world.  Hong Kong, New York City (home), Thailand, Spain, France, Cambodia, the Caribbean and South America -- Grey Goose, The US Tennis Open,   Mylan, BBDO WorldWide, NBC, Bravo, the Big East Conference and Chevrolet to name a few.

I've been on one hell of a ride thanks to the camera.   A keen sense of discovery and a decidedly blind eye to failure have opened up the world to me. If you'd like to get to know me have a look at the images I've made.  That's where the 'stuff' is.  The dark corners, the sense of self, the abstractions, the sense of humor.  

I've been told I need to specialize in one certain thing.  I think that's rubbish.  You don't just read murder mysteries or listen solely to jazz.   Why would you want a photographer that just shot landscapes or brides?  

It's a big magical world.  I want to see it all through my lens.  Thanks for coming along on the journey.  

Capturing your beautiful life, 


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